Do I Really Have to Moisturize It?


Yes, yes and yes. You have cared of your face and hair for as long as you can remember, but nobody has invited you to consider caring for your external genitalia and vagina.

It seems that care is limited to menopause, when changes in the area are already evident through atrophy, dryness, eventually pain and sometimes infections, even urinary.

People tell you about the latest skin regenerator, the latest product for curly hair, but no one mentions vaginal hydration.

Everything is as hidden as the vagina is hidden.

Taking care of your vulva and vagina does not have to be a feat, nor does it imply that you will spend all day applying creams or gels or invest money on them. It all starts with knowing yourself. While it is true that physiologically everything is all right, the ageing process also affects the genitals. Wrinkles won’t appear until a certain age has elapsed, but the more pampered the genital mucosa is the better recipient of pleasant sensations it will be.

Daily hygiene is essential.

It is not necessary to do deep genital douches, because this eliminates your bacterial flora that is what protects you. In terms of moisturizing, there are very good formulations in pharmacies that, when used on a weekly basis, are a caress for your genitals

You don’t need to moisten the area in an exaggerated way, as this could cause the special microenvironment of the vulva and vagina to break down, depriving you of protection. So, small quantities, used at least once a week if you are young and regularly if you are near or at menopause, will be enough. Satin liquid can be used for daily moisturizing and clean.

The same happens with lubrication: the fact that you naturally lubricate well does not limit you from eventually using lubricants that reduce friction during foreplay, masturbation or penetration. Lubricants can be used as an additive in your sexual relationship and masturbation to increase pleasurable sensations.

Which ones can you use?

First take a close look at the ingredients to make sure they don’t contain parabens, other than medicated formulations with anaesthetics, steroids or antibiotics (for infections or inflammation for example). There are products on the market with hyaluronic acid, centella asiática/gotu kola and other ingredients to regenerate and maintain balance. If you have any symptoms, check with a specialist before opting for a moisturizer or lubricant.

Now that you know, add to your shopping list the following: day and night moisturizer for the face, a product for your hairstyle and your vaginal moisturizer.

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