Guide to Kegel Balls And Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Here is your first full guide to Pelvic floor exercises using Kegel balls!

Let’s start by explaining where the pelvic floor muscles are, what they are useful for, and the role that they play in your sex life.

Where they are:

The pelvic floor (PC or Pubococcygeus Muscle) extends from the coccyx to the pubic bone, almost like a hammock. This creates a sort of floor that supports the pelvis and very important organs such as the uterus, bladder and back passage.

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What they do:

Pelvic floor muscles not only support your pelvic area, but also control the openings of the organs that pass through them: the urethra, vagina and anus. Therefore, these muscles are fundamental for general health and in keeping the control and functionality of those openings.

So, as with all muscles, the pelvic floor can naturally lose its tone or strength over time or as a consequence of injury; such as after one of the following: giving birth, pelvic surgery, having a chronic cough, menopause, lack of exercise or being overweight.

And what about in sex:

Aside from the clitoris, the vagina is the main female organ involved in penetrative sex, and therefore a  healthy PC Muscle control contributes to maintaining flexibility and control, which is important for comfortable penetration. It also plays an important role in orgasm, which consists of rhythmic muscular contractions; so the more toned the muscle, the stronger and deeper the contractions and therefore the sensations.

Why start pelvic floor exercises?

Exercising the pelvic floor should be an important part of all around health for everyone.

1)Natural maintenance to just keep the pelvic floor trained and reinforced in order to have stronger orgasms and more control.

2)To restore its natural tone after child birth, surgery or as a consequence of natural relaxation of tone post menopause

3)To solve some dysfunctions such as incontinence or the inability to control the back passage.

How can you do pelvic floor training?

Exercises to train these muscles consist of repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles to build up strength.

Exercises can be done with or without any external support by Kegel balls, also called Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls. All these kinds of balls, which are spheres made of silicone or metal, have specific weight, and some have existed since ancient times. They were used to help training or as a sex toys, as they can have the added bonus of stimulating the G-Spot.

Once you have inserted the balls into the vagina (I suggest using a lubricant to help), tense your muscles in order to hold them inside. The weight of the balls will work the muscles and keep them active.

Guide to the Exercises

1)To identify the muscles, close and draw them up as if you are trying to stop passing wind whilst making sure that you are not contracting your buttock muscles. Then, draw up the muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine.

2)Choose a time during your day that is easy to repeat, for example whilst brushing your teeth.

3)Be sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly apart.

4)Do the workout in two parts: slow tenses, where you tense and hold; and fast repetitions where you tense and release in quick succession.

5)During the slow tense, hold the contraction for a count of 5 and then slowly relax. Remember to breathe normally! Repeat 5 times.

6)After that, you start the fast tense, by contracting all the muscles as you have done in the slow exercise, but, this time, just hold the contraction for one second and quickly relax. Repeat these faster contractions 5 -10 times.

Remember that relaxing the muscles after tensing is an important part of these exercises.

How often should you train?

To do a deep and thorough training you should do the series 5 times a day, but doing the exercises regularly (e.g.when brushing your teeth twice a day) will still give them a good workout. However, we recommend to have a chat with a specialist to find the perfect training program tailored on your pelvic floor health. 

What shouldn’t you do?

Do not squeeze the buttocks, hold your breath or close your knees. If you notice that you are tensing your whole body, then you are not doing the exercises right. Relax, try and start again while refocusing specifically on your PC muscle.


What matters is time and repetition. Like training any muscle, you have to do it progressively, starting smaller and increasing the number of repetitions.

You can check your training level by testing your muscle tone by inserting your finger in your vagina and squeezing. If you do this when you start the training and you check (doing the same thing) every 2-3 weeks, you can feel if your tone is improving.

You can do the same training with or without the use of Kegel balls; it is a personal preference.

If you prefer to use Kegel balls to stimulate your G-Spot, wear them and just walk and do your normal schedule. Movement plus natural contractions will do the rest to hit your G-Spot!

You may want to use a little lubricant to help insert them at first, but be sure you don’t use too much as it may make them more difficult to hold in.

Remember to clean the Kegel balls every time after you have used them with a toy cleaner or soap and water.

Different types of Kegel Balls

Kegel balls come in different shapes and weights; plus some vibrating eggs can be used as Kegel balls. It’s important to identify products that are for fun and for training. 

Weight: allow yourself to start with a lower weight and build up to heavier weights over time, according to your training level or needs. The heavier the weight, the more difficult it is to hold them inside, tensing the muscles around it.

Shape: from the simplest spherical balls to more complex shapes. Shape and weight are combined for a good training. 

Strings Attached: Many Kegel balls come attached by a cord or string to help insert and remove them, but it’s not a necessity. Don’t worry, they cannot go up anywhere, so you will be able to take them out anyway just by pushing! (for example, Ami Kegel Set)

Set or single: You can choose to buy a single Kegel for simple training and G-Spot stimulation or a set where you already have different shapes and weight (for example, Nova).

Smart Kegel Trainer: These are specifically done for training your pelvic floor. Thanks to an app, Kegel Trainers like Elvie or Candy or Bloom, are capable to measure the strength of your muscles; they plan a training program based on your real need and status. You can monitor your progress and manage everything from the app.

Kate Moyle and I wish you an intense and happy training!

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

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