Kegel Balls have been named after Arnold Kegel, who invented the kegel exercise and the first pelvic toning device: the Perineometer. This machine is far from the practical easy-to-use Kegel we have today, which are usually also called Ben Wa Balls or Geshia Balls. Weight and size are two relevant factors for Kegel when it comes to Pelvic Floor exercises, that’s why most of the classic Kegel have a spheric shape and different weights. Modern version of this product do vibrate and are app controlled by specific programmes dedicated to monitoring your pelvic strength and to guide you through the exercises. If you want to know more about Pelvic Floor exercises, read our guide! Keep in mind that there are several reasons for keeping your Pelvic Floor in shape -for having more controls during sex, to get it back on track after giving birth or after menopause- but every woman is different that’s why we have a variety of Kegel Balls to help you choose.

If you are curious to discover more about our Kegel Balls Guide, check it out!

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