Maestra...That's another story!


I confess.. After an exhausting time of “50 Shades of Grey/Black/Red” ads, I moved to the competitors.

Yes, oh, I said it!

I read “Maestra” by Lisa Hilton, stated by the reviewers and according to sales as ‘the erotic novel of the year’.

Well, it has nothing to do with the well-known 50 Shades. This time it’s about women’s revenge. We move from a fresh-faced student in love with her man, to a sly, calculating and amoral beautiful woman.

Let’s be honest, we would all like to be as they are. One day we wish we were like the clumsy girl next door, loved by the mysterious rich guy. On the next day we wish we acted like an alluring Machiavellian lady who can seduce with her intelligence, while being totally cruel.

Judith is like that. As far as revenge, she’s the women’s hero. She arms herself with all her knowledge in order to get a leg up on men. And you can be sure she manages very well!  She goes to exclusive clubs, travels in all the coolest places in Italy, Cote d’Azur and London. The story includes auction houses, art, culture, sex with strangers and murders.

A feeling of revenge towards a misogynous and unfair society, a dual personality, a twisted plot and money.

This is far from Anastasia. Forget about the red room, a trembling and scared girl dealing with bondage, and join a firm, settled and extremely sexy woman, somehow reckless in a swinger’s luxury club.

Judith is a woman who both scares and intrigues men.

After a bunch of pages, I was already wondering: ‘What’s next?’ The Maestra movie will come out, I’m quite sure. You know, after all, they always make a movie out of sexy thriller books with a hot, powerful female character. Pretty obvious. So, who will play the role of Judith? Scarlett Johansson? Jennifer Lawrence? Or Margot Robbie? Mmm, it’s hard to guess!

After Anastasia and Mr. Grey, we saw bondage becoming one of the coolest sex trends; so do I have to think that in 6 months will we all start to sign up for club privè? Maybe we already do, but it’s still not so cool. I’d give it 60% probability. Anyway, I had a blast reading Maestra.

I recommend this book to all women who stopped dreaming about prince charming long time ago, right when they were disappointed by Cinderella…because…the Prince is clearly gay! I’m talking to all girls who loved Mulan or Pocahontas, and to the ones who simply want to enjoy a plot full of engaging erotic scenes, dealing with a strong and debatable female character.

And if this new erotic novel helps us talk about sex more and have female characters, female empowerment and overthrowing taboos, then that’s the right book for us anyway.

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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