Once you go Sona.... Sona by Lelo.


Sona: clitorally mind-blowing. That’s the claim Lelo made for this revolutionary clitoral toy. I thought, well, good one—but then you’ll never know until you try.
I’d read exclusive pre-sale reviews of this sex toy stating “the best ever tried”, “totally crazy” and “got me to squirt for the first time”.

Wow. Is Sona that good?? Yes it is.

Sona is literally the best clitoral sex toy I’ve ever tried so far!

What’s different then? Besides the curious shape and elegant design, the core of how Sona works is its secret power.

In 1998, we finally discovered the real shape of the clitoris. It’s far more than a very sensible, cute little nod. It has 4 arms, it’s about 8-9cm long and has 8000 nerves, which spread through its entire shape. No, I don’t want to give you an anatomy lesson now, but that’s important.

Just take a second and think about what could happen if we stimulated the entire clitoris, instead of concentrating only on its head? That’s what Lelo engineers had in mind.

Sonic wave was the answer. Waves are the secret power of Sona. Thrilling, intense, orgasmic waves through your entire clitoris.

Thank God I was alone when I tested it as I couldn’t control my moans. Totally unexpected.

I switched it on and pushed the + to the maximum intensity to feel the difference between vibrations and waves on my hand…but I didn’t quite get it. Yes, the sound it made was a bit different but nothing really extraordinary.  Sona is very easy to control, just use the +/- and the central button to select one of the 8 modes.

So I naively placed it straight on my clitoris…and reached climax in less than 1 minute with the deepest orgasm ever. I was shaking like never before and I had to take it off.

Totally, unexpectedly clitorally mind-blowing!

Then I put it to low mode (and I almost never do that with vibrating sex toys as it’s not enough to stimulate me) and I had 5 orgasms in a row!!

Is Sona a miracle? The magic touch we’ve all been waiting for? I might say yes. Perhaps it’s just the beginning of a new generation of toys designed for our real shapes and needs. But Sona is also totally different from what we’ve tried so far…I couldn’t get my hands off it for one week!

Sonic waves deeply stimulate the clitoris, so the fact that many women got to squirt with this toy is not difficult for me to believe.

It’s very quick (truly less than 1 minute) and gives you super intense multiple orgasms. Sona is the perfect toy if you don’t have time to masturbate that often. It’s rechargeable and Lelo guaranteed for years.

Was anything lacking or wrong with Sona?
Well, yes: it’s not whisper quiet. When Sona is at max intensity it’s just as loud as any of Lelo’s other toys.

Don’t be surprised if you notice your clitoris being bigger than usual after Sona; it’s just the effect of a deep stimulation on the clitoris. It gets back to normal after a few minutes, which is usual.

Sona comes in two versions: the classic and Cruise (like a car’s cruise control setting). What the heck has cruise control got to do with sex toys?? Well, it’s a matter of providing a steady stimulation. The more our pleasure rises, the more we usually push the product against our clit or vagina. But most of the time, while doing that, it loses intensity. But that won’t happen anymore with Cruise! We’ll have steady waves for as long as we can last!

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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