Say YES To Lubes!

Want to improve your sex life?
Use lube.
I know, I know, a lot of you will say you don’t need it. “Lube is only for gay men and frigid women anyway”.


It’s time to put these myths to rest once and for all.
First off, a woman can be very turned on and still be dry down there. As shocking as it seems, sexual arousal doesn’t always equal sexual wetness.

But, even if you’re super wet, you could still do with a bit of lube. A few drops wet the pipes for smoother sexual sailing, makes foreplay all the kinkier and takes your pleasure to the next level. Here’s how:

1. It’s Better With A Condom

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safe sex, especially if you’re having it with someone new. But it’s a fact that sex with a condom just doesn’t feel the same. But slather a bit of lube all over that little piece of latex and woah! Now it feels a lot smoother, more comfortable and oh so much sexier. You can feel everything. It’s pleasure on a whole other level. So now you have no more excuses ladies. In the words of the Spice Girls, “be a little bit wiser, baby, put it on, put it on” (both condom AND lube).

2. It’s Unbreakable

While we’re talking condoms, there’s another good reason to use them with lube. Condoms rarely break (phew!), but you don’t want to be the exception to the rule, do you? So, don’t let that condom dry out while you’re doing it. Because if it does, the chances it’ll break right in the middle of the act go way up. If that happens, it’ll just ruin the whole thing with worries of pregnancy… or worse. Don’t risk it.

3. Bye Bye Dryness

You know this was coming. Vaginal dryness is the number one reason women turn to lube. When you hit menopause, everything — your skin, your hair, your nails and yes, your vagina — gets drier. But don’t think you’re immune to it because you’re young. Stress, pregnancy, medication and a lack of foreplay can make you dry too. And sex is no fun when you’re not wet enough down there. It hurts so much, you never want to have it ever again. Good news, there’s no need to give up on sex for good. Just get a bottle of lube and wet those pipes well. The pleasure comes back tenfold.


4. Easier Anal

Your vagina can get wet on its own, but your anus can’t do that trick. If you want to try anal — and why not? It feels a lot better than it sounds -, lube is a must. It makes the area a lot more slippery, so anal sex gets super duper pleasurable and more comfortable for the both of you. But, don’t be a scrooge. When it comes to anal sex, the more lube, the better!

5. No More Germs

There’s nothing better than a hot, steamy sex marathon but all that constant friction can take its toll on your vagina (or anus) and cause little microtears. That’s especially true around menopause, when lack of oestrogen thins the walls of your vagina and makes them less elastic. Microtears are no fun, but the real problem starts when they get infected with bacteria. The last thing you want is dealing with an infection down there, so do yourself a favour and use lube. A few drops reduce friction and, when it comes to sex, the less friction, the safer.

6. Lick It Up

If you want to spice things up, why not go for a flavoured lube? Whether you crave the sweet taste of vanilla or the fruity flavour of apples, there’s a lube out there for you. Flavoured lubes make oral sex a lot more fun. Plus, unlike honey or whipped cream, they don’t cause any infections (yes, that can happen when you just grab the first thing you have at hand!).

So, how do you choose the right type of lube?

There are so many out there. Silicones are the most common because they’re super slippery and condom-friendly. Problem is, your vaginal or anal walls are super absorbent, so wetting them with silicones or other nasty chemicals isn’t all that healthy for you. Water-based and organic lubes are as good as the silicone ones, but are much safer options. They heighten your pleasure without leaving any nasty surprises behind.

It’s time to give lube the recognition it deserves, ladies. There’s truly nothing like it to revolutionise your sex life!

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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