These Podcasts Can Give You a New Sexual Education


By sex education I don’t mean the let’s only talk about reproduction and biology and none of the stuff that actually makes sex what it is. I mean learning new things about sex. Think of it as a more all-round education – with lessons from experts who have different approaches to sex; think and talk openly about it and are making an effort to tell the world about sex in their own way.

I am talking about the podcasters.

I, like I am sure many of you, don’t currently have a huge amount of time for reading. My amazon wishlist has hundreds of books that I desperately want to read, but can’t currently commit to.

But what I can do more efficiently is listen, plus it makes my daily travels across London a lot more interesting. So I rounded up five of my favourite podcasts where the main topic of discussion is sex and relationships. This list is by no means exhaustive and there are so many more awesome shows to listen to – I just think that the following shows provide some of the honest and open conversations about sex that we miss out on so often in everyday life.

Future Of Sex

fosExplore what the future of sex looks like with the amazing Bryony Cole. Her inquisitiveness and lightheartedness takes you with her as she interviews on everything from ancient stone dildos to teledildonics. Exploring what lies ahead of us in terms of a sexual landscape has never been more relevant in terms of the increasingly dominant role that technology is playing in our lives. Bryony works to help us explore this, at times complicated, relationship between sex and tech. Asking all the questions that nobody yet has the answer to – is sex with a robot cheating? Find out for yourself at

 Close Encounters

closeencountersThe host of Close Encounters, is a Sexpert and Sex Goddess in her own right. Alix Fox, who hosts what the podcast calls ‘Honest unguarded conversations about sex and relationships’. Alix is invited in by those she interviews discussing not only some very personal, but also very difficult subjects that are perhaps more talked about behind closed doors, for example in psychosexual therapy. The conversations cover what it’s like to live with vaginismus, to having sex as someone who identifies as asexual; and to be diagnosed with uterus didelphys. Erections, penis’s, vaginas and more Alix’s interviews really highlight how different we all are as sexual beings, and how nobody should have to feel alone in what they are experiencing.

As a side note, Close Encounters can be really informative for those working in the profession of medicine, nursing or therapy among so many other careers; as it may just help to give you insight into how your patients or clients may be feeling if they are trying to discuss a sexual problem with you.

 New York Magazine – Sex Lives

sexlivesWhat I love most about this weekly podcast is the variety of subjects that it covers – there really is something for everyone to listen to. It covers pornography, fetishes, dating, technology, different types of relationships, sex, sexuality and so much more. New York Magazine’s sex columnist Maureen O’Connor knows her stuff and goes wherever she feels she needs to, to get her listeners the info they want to hear. Listeners also get a chance to respond and call in with their stories. The guests are awesome, from the top NYC chef on the ‘grossest things we ate for love’ episode to Christopher Trout, Engadget’s Executive Editor talking about what it is like to grow up as a gay son of a preacher man.

 Vagina Dispatches

vdHead to to improve your genital knowledge. Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan are amazing, and they want to give people the sex education that they didn’t get at the time they should have done – before they started having sex. These superladies want to help their listeners to make informed decisions about their sex lives, know about their bodies and be confident.

There are talks with neuroscientists, questions about the orgasm gap, gynaecologists, and discussions about the vulva. They ask the all important question – why do we have to work all this out on our own, and why don’t we know about our vaginas?

And for a chuckle…….

My Dad Wrote A Porno

mdwapCompletely anatomically incorrect but you can’t help but laugh. Try sitting on the northern line at 8am and not giggle – you can’t. When Jamie Morton found out that his dad, pen name, Rocky Flintstone, had written a porno he decided to turn it into this impossible not to love podcast. Accompanied by friends James Cooper and Alice Levine, these guys read a chapter a week of Belinda Blinked which has taken the world by storm and has been downloaded more than ten million times. It has to be listened to, to be believed.

katemoyleBY KATE MOYLE

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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