The Reinvention During Menopause


Let’s talk about women “in their 50s” and the “sexy-60s.”

It is a vital transcending fact changing over the years. With menopause, women physical and emotional changes are obvious and clear:

  • Less oestrogen and less testosterone.
  • Mood swings.
  • Less vaginal elasticity.
  • The arousal phase needs more time to complete, therefore, vaginal lubrication takes a little longer.
  • Body changes: new wrinkles, grey hair and weight gain.
  • Empty nest syndrome.
  • Sensation of loss of beauty.

A group of increasingly visible women surrounds us and swarms through the streets.

Last year, in her article De Ciencuentonas a Cincuentañeras [From women in their fifties to the teen-fifties] in La Vanguardia, Mayte Rius said that at the age of 50 we have 36.6 more years of life expectancy, literally half of our lives, an opportunity to live fully and with the experience accumulated throughout the years.

And how is it that this happens no matter “the famous” decline of menopause?

It is crystal clear to me: we have more access to health and ways to take care of ourselves. And above all, we have more access to opportunities; I’m not talking about work opportunities, where we see gaps still at this age between men and women, but the chances to express ourselves.

The reasons for reinvention overcome the biological effects of menopause thanks to the opportunities for women to share, be present and do what they like. In addition, we certainly have more health care options form basic lubricants to all kind of moisturisers than ever before.

The psychologist and expert in sexology Susana Cañellas Engel says that “It is not a matter of denying the weight of biology but highlighting the counterweight of the psychic dimension that is often much more powerful in human beings.”

She suggests that it is a time to connect with your desires and to embrace new undeveloped possibilities with enthusiasm. Menopause is undoubtedly an opportunity. Cañellas points out that it is a period to:

  • Motivate yourself with the development of projects focused on your own wishes.
  • Legitimize the right to change your physical image and enjoy a new one without underestimating it.
  • Establish adult connections with your adult children.
  • Accept the other as “is” and accept yourself as you “are.”
  • Enjoy sexual harmony, with more freedom than ever.

So, to all our readers, remember: being attractive, creative and sensual does not fade with age, it simply changes.

(Sexual Medicine Expert)

I’m here to innovate and disrupt every area of women sexual experience and frame it into health.

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