Meet the Women of SexTech Who Are Revolutionising the Sex Toy Industry


Did you know that women spend more on sex toys than men?

Yet, when you set foot in a sex shop, you often shake your head at what you see. Bright coloured dildos,
rabbit-shaped vibrators… It’s so clear those toys weren’t created with women in mind.

Cheer up, because the tide is turning. More women than ever are entering the sex industry as sexy toy
designers, engineers, creators making it a lot more female-friendly. It’s about time too!

I’m so excited about this new trend and you should be, too. It’s the start of a new sexual awakening for
us women. After all, who knows about a vagina and how to maximise its pleasure more than a woman?

These women are on a mission to help you overcome your sexual barriers and bring your pleasure to the
highest heights you had no idea even existed!

That’s why these new toys are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Female designers are pushing the
boundaries, playing with new materials and shapes that are designed to enhance your pleasure – even
when you’re pregnant or dealing with menopause.

Interested? Thought so. Let’s take a look at who these new female geniuses are:

Lisa Kinsella has revolutionised female sexual health with LUWI, a new dual method (hormone-free contraception and protection) made for women. The opposite of a condom, LUWI is made for a woman’s body and worn on the inside. LUWI is easy to use, disposable, and can be worn for 8-hours.  Made of latex-free, ultra-thin medical grade polyurethane LUWI is designed to provide more sensation and used instead of a condom. LUWI gives you the power to be in control of your health.

Stephanie, the brilliant mind behind the first unisex vibrator with 6 motors you can band the way you want to hit all your sweet spots: Crescendo. Both founders have an engineering background so they made Crescendo a smart, app-controlled toy for personalised pleasure and long distance fun.

Entering a sex shop can literally change your life. That’s what happened to Ti-Chang, founder of Crave.
When she went shopping for a sex toy in 2007, all she could find were rabbit-shaped dildos in garish
colours. Not exactly the thing that set her pulse racing!

The industrial designer decided to create her own. Swapping bicycles and furniture for vibrators and
plugs, she came up with new designs that completely broke away from tradition.

Duet, for example, has two fingers that surround the clitoris, stimulating it at an ever-faster
speed. Vesper, instead, is an elegant vibrating neckless for pin-point clitoral stimulation, focusing its vibrations where you want them the most. Mind-blowing orgasm guaranteed and total discretion!

Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman have one thing in common: they both love sex and aren’t afraid to say it!
It was only natural for them to join forces and set up Dame, a sex toy company that revolutionised the

Knowing that most women need external stimulation to orgasm, the duo decided from the get go to
focus on clitoral stimulation. They also wanted to make their toys easy to use.

Their first creation was Eva. Shaped like a butterfly, it’s the first vibrator that doesn’t need to be held.
Once in, it stays in.

Not all female designers want to start their own company. Some simply design toys for others.  Tenga,
the traditional sex toys brand known for its male masturbatory sleeves, has added a line of sex toys for
women and, you’ve guessed it, they’re designed by women.

True to their Japanese roots, all the  Iroha toys have a modern and minimalistic design that looks elegant
and refined. Take Sakura, for instance. It has an oval shape with an indented tip to pinch the clitoris and
maximise sexual pleasure. Pure white and curved, Yuki instead has a semi-insertable tip for incredible

Like all the Iroha toys, they’re coated with a soft and supple material to gently massage your most
intimate areas. If you’re very sensitive, this is the first brand you should check out.

Line Iren Andersen always knew she wanted to design sex toys. Her Master’s degree project was a sex
toy set for couples! After graduation, she teamed up with her friend Karianne Ronning to found Laid, the
first sex toys company in Norway.

These toys have a Paleo vibe about them. They’re made out of stone, sculpted by hand and completely
eco-friendly. With simple names like D1 Stone and D2 Stone, these toys are heavier than traditional
ones, but that’s a wonderful thing – their weight on your g-spot or clit really intensifies your orgasms.

Persian Palm
Who says that a sex toy should only please the body? Eva and Luana, the Italian founders of Persian
Palm, believe it should satisfy all the senses, eyes included. Their toys are unique art pieces, hand-
painted and decorated with Renaissance-inspired designs. In case you’re wondering, they can be
personalised, too.

The other unique thing about them? They’re all made of ceramic, a material that’s smoothly glides in
and out of your vagina (no need to use that much lube with these, ladies!) and is hard enough to last the
test of time.

I love the Eva, a curve-shaped dildo that can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. Its curvy shaped,
reminiscent of the beautiful Tuscan hills, hitting all the right spots. The Pia, instead, is an anal plug with a
tapered shape. It’s pretty big so I wouldn’t recommend it to an anal newbie. But for pro anal play lovers,
it’s an absolute must.

I can’t wait for more and more women to join these pioneers and design their own sex toys for the benefit of us all. Can’t wait to welcome all on pureeros. One thing’s for sure. It’s gonna be a mind-blowing 2018!

(Editor in Chief & Co-Founder of pureeros)

“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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