Snuggle Under Covers this Coming Winter, with Yuki


Leaves have begun their fall; a sure sign that autumn is finally here. That’s our cue to snuggle up on the sofa or under the duvet, say goodbye to sex appeal as we bring out those old sweatshirts, and stash handkerchiefs in our pockets, just in case. Soon enough, we’ll have our first snow.

Talking about snow, let me introduce you to Yuki. It looks just like a snowman: white, elegant and discreet (it fits right on the palm of your hand). Best of all, it’s extremely soft. It’s texture appears so soft that I can’t help but notice Yuki resembles a burrata, that typical Italian Southern cheese loaded up with butter…. But maybe only foodies like me will appreciate this comparison (is anyone else starting to feel hungry?)

Yuki is a mini vibrator by the new Japanese brand, Iroha. It was designed by a team of women (who better than us knows what we’re looking for in a toy?) and its aesthetic is exquisitely Japanese: minimal. It’s delicate but powerful at the same time and can be easily recharged directly from its storage case, which is completely waterproof and body safe.


But what makes Yuki and all the other Iroha toys different from anything else I’ve ever tried is its softness. Yuki’s heart is solid (just like a snowman’s), but it’s coated with a soft and supple material that’s just as delicate as gel (again, the burrata!). But really though, the outside is made up of pure silicone; silky and refined without any phthalates. When you press your finger on Yuki, it sinks into a pool of softness. Let’s stop for a moment and think how that would feel like on your clitoris or G-spot… Take as long as you want.

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Plushy Yuki has a heart that vibrates intensely enough that you can’t help but fall in love with it. I personally recommend it for:

  • Busy women who don’t have much time for self-play and enjoy rapid sensual sessions with intense clitoridean vibrations. Yuki has 4 levels of intensity and one rhythmical pattern. Being plushy and soft, it’ll save you from the redness and irritations that a harder vibrator inevitably causes.
  • Women who prefer the entrance. I’m talking about that amazing moment when you can feel that something penetrate you. You can use Yuki’s round head for a lightweight penetration that stimulates the entrance of your vagina and goes all the way down to your G-spot.
  • To all those of you who are very sensitive down there. If you’re prone to irritations or have become sensitive with age, the entire Iroha collection will help you feel intense pleasure without any of these side effects. It won’t leave you craving for an ice cube or wondering how you’ll be able to put on your knickers again.

Yuki not only caters to these desires, but it has a practical side, too! It doesn’t really get any simpler than this; Yuki has two buttons (Perhaps it’s that simple Japanese aesthetic again?). Press the + button to turn it on and to change or intensify the vibration, and the – button to decrease it or turn it off. Isn’t it simply genius?

You can recharge Yuki directly from its storage case (you’ll only have to connect it to a plug) just like one of those collection pieces, such as the miniature vintage cars our beloved men love to showcase on the shelf of a bookcase.

Maybe you can store your Iroha toys on a bookcase as well (you’ll probably need another bookcase or at least an entire shelf just for them). But the thing is, no one will ever even think those are sex toys. You can totally pass them off as the latest interior pieces by a Japanese designer and no one will ever be none the wiser (unless you decide to reveal the secret, sssshhh!).

Now go on and relax under that soft, warm duvet with Yuki.

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“I wish I knew all I’m discovering now about sexuality when I was 20”. I found myself hearing this too many times. When it comes to female sexuality, discovering our bodies, experiencing pleasure, understanding what we like and don't and put ourselves first, so far, taboos has prevailed. Time to change.

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